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The Minecraft survival server 

The server on which you need to make survival possible is called the Minecraft survival server. Minecraft servers are home to thousands of people who like to play in different gaming zones. Every server has its different features and playing tools. Minecraft survival servers have a list of different kinds of gaming servers. Once you launch the Minecraft application on the computer, you can choose the server from the list depending upon the gaming choice. If, for some reason, you don’t like the server, it can be changed by selecting from the Best Minecraft Server list on the website. Minecraft survival server offers a variety of options to choose the server. Even if you don’t find any gaming server suitable for your need, we can help you to find the relevant server from google.

There are different kinds of servers; some have warzones or battlefields in which the user itself crafts tools to survive. You can play on the server available on Minecraft matching playing skills.


What is SmashMC Server

The SmashMC server at the Minecraft survival server has the Warzone as the man feature. The SmashMC offers a competitive fighting environment. Playing in it allows you to fight with other users. The SmashMC falls under the category of an official server. The YouTube Sirud offers SmashMC sever.


What SmashMC offers 

Following are the features of the SmashMC server available on Minecraft Survival Server;

  • Shiny starters for the players
  • The special Warzone in-game
  • Dungeons for capturing the enemies
  • Pixel Auctions options are available
  • GTS on SmashMC
  • Legendary spawns for fighting with enemies
  • Gym for the regular players


Opting SmashMc

Following a few easy steps will help you to start SmashMC server on Minecraft survival server;

  1. Opening the launcher, to start the SmashMC server open the Minecraft survival server on your desktop. You should have a Minecraft survival server installed on your computer.
  2. Selection of Multiplayer: You need to select the multiplayer option for playing with other users.
  3. Adding server on the Minecraft survival server, for playing on the SmashMC you need to type the text ‘play.smashmc.co’.
  4. Adding the IP address, add the specific IP address linked to SmashMC. Then click on the done button to start.
  5. Waiting for connection, once the signal turns green, your game will be started.


Specific gaming zone at SmashMC

Following are the game kinds that are available at the SmashMC Minecraft server. Most of them are related to warzones.

  1. Economy
  2. Mini games
  3. MCMMO
  4. Pixelmon
  5. Survival
  6. Modded


SmashMC version and connectivity 

The Minecraft server has 1.12.2 versions of SmashMC. Older versions can also be played on the Minecraft survival server. it offers amazing connectivity and a United States-based gaming server as it ranked 15 in the gaming world.


Concluding note 

SmashMC Minecraft Survival server offers the best battlefield game. It is available for users with a Minecraft survival server installed on their computers. Have a joyful experience by playing this warzone game.


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